Top 5 Advantages of Custom Hand Finishes

Custom hand finishes on your door may be exactly what you need if you want to improve the appearance of your home while staying true to your style. Doors are important in all homes because they provide functionality and privacy to areas that you use on a daily basis. So, what are the advantages of a door with a custom hand finish?

This post covers the major benefits of doors with a custom hand finish. Read on for the advantages.

Top 5 Advantages of Custom Hand Finishes

Improved Curb Appeal

Nothing beats the appearance of a well-made metro steel door. Through custom hand finish your door can create unique designs which complement the exceptionality of your home or business. With the different unique finishes, you can choose a less sophisticated design that compliments your elegance.

Increased Value Of your Property

Metal doors boost the long-term robustness of your business or home’s entrance and are a sound investment. Many property owners aim at increasing the value of their assets over time for the future sale of the asset. Every property with a special custom hand finish on its doors has an increased value of a sale.

Anti-rust Treatment

All property owners desire durable and long-lasting doors on their assets. Custom hand finishes incorporate materials that assist in the anti-rust treatment of your door. A home is a place where you have a sense of comfort and safety.

A Stain-resistant Design

Clear coat finish is a custom finish that develops a shiny, easy-to-clean, and smooth surface. Your door will always be clean and appealing after applying this finish. This custom finish on your door is made up of tiny layers that don’t appear to be thin.


A custom finish provides your door with the desired exclusiveness and uniqueness. A custom door boosts the visual aspect and individuality of your property. Custom finishes bring out your desired personalized style no matter the structure.

Custom hand finishes are the ultimate resource for your next project. At Iron Door Plus we offer steel products with high-quality anti-rust treatment. Contact us for more information.

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