How To Choose Door Hardware

Doors keep strangers out, but they let friends in. In order to do those things, they need door handles and locksets. Not any old handle and lockset will do, however. You will want to pick the handle that fits you and your home. Here are two things you need to think about when you choose door hardware.

How To Choose Door Hardware


This may feel like the least important aspect, but the hardware and handles on your door pull together the look of your entrance. They are also going to be the first thing your guests focus on when they come to your house.

Fortunately, hardware comes in an array of looks, so there is a good chance you will find what you want. You may pick a basic black handle to complement a bright color scheme or an ultra modern ambiance. You might want a shiny bronze lockset to complete a traditional look. You can hold up pictures of handles to your door to figure out which works best for you.

Ease of Use

Door hardware sees a lot of use, and that is why many houses have a handleset lock. Handlesets have a twist knob or keyed opening on the inside of the door, and a handle and knob are on the outside.

Some people find it easier to grasp handles. They give you more space to wrap your fingers around, and it is possible to pull on a handle with a tool when your arms are full.

Even if you find a handle easier to use than other types of hardware, some handle shapes are easier to use than others. You might want to test a handle for ease of use before you buy it.

When you choose door hardware give us a call at Iron Doors Plus. We have a range of handles and hardware for your door, so contact us today.

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