Iron Security Doors: Combining Safety and Beauty in One Package

The statistics for home break-ins are alarming, and the U.S. bears the dubious distinction of leading the rest of the world in burglary occurrences, experiencing one burglary every 15 seconds nationwide. As if that fact weren’t shocking enough, around 60 percent of burglars use the forcible entry to access a home and an estimated 30 percent enter without the use of force through an unlocked or open door! Of these, nearly 33 percent enter a home through the front door. Hollow wood front doors are extremely easy to kick in.

Iron Security Doors: Combining Safety and Beauty in One Package

Wood doors are susceptible to weakening damage from insects moisture and warping.  It makes sense then, to replace a hollow or an older wood front door with something that offers solid protection against intruders. That’s where iron security doors come in. Given the choice, a burglar is going to choose the easiest entry every time!

You might think an iron security door will make your home look like a fortress — but nothing could be further from the truth. An iron door can be so beautifully designed and crafted, that no one needs to know it’s a security door, except you and an intruder, who’s knows it’s going to present an unwelcome challenge to getting into your home. Whatever your tastes — from modern to traditional — you can find a beautiful iron security door that will both protect and enhance the beauty of your home.

Iron Doors Plus has been creating hand-crafted, statement-making iron doors for more than 15 years, with a team of 300 highly skilled metal workers and iron forgers. Contact us or browse our online catalog and gallery to learn just how beautiful iron doors can be!

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