2 Amazing Custom Hand Finishes For Your Iron Door

Choosing to go with an iron door in and of itself is an excellent choice and one that will provide you with a very high-quality, safe, and structurally sound door. However, one way that you can make your iron door even better is to have a professional add some custom hand finishes to it. This simply makes your door even more personalized and helps to make it more appealing. Here are two custom hand finishes for your iron door.

2 Amazing Custom Hand Finishes For Your Iron Door

Anti-Rust Treatment

The last thing that you want is for your iron door to rust, especially because it will be exposed to the elements. Thankfully, you can have your iron door receive an anti-rust treatment that stops this from happening. This is done by using heavy duty sandblasting initially. Once this is done, the iron is then dipped into molten zinc, followed by a zinc primer. This ensures that the door is completely resistant to rust and that it will last you for many years to come.

Magnetic Paint And Hand Faux Finishing

The addition of magnetic paint to your door will give it a customized color and style, which helps to set it apart from other iron doors. You can choose from light bronze, antiqued copper, heavy bronze, warm gold, silver pewter, and gold rush. These are all gorgeous colors that will help your iron door to match the color and style that you are going for with the rest of your home’s exterior. The hand faux finishing also gives some more texture to the paint when it would otherwise look flat.

The anti-rust treatment, magnetic paint, and hand faux finishing, all come together to create a stunning door for you to enjoy. To learn about more about these hand finishes, or to start the process of getting your iron door today, visit us at Iron Doors Plus.

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