3 Modern Features Of Iron Doors

Iron doors are not only amazing when it comes to how strong and secure they are, but they also have a lot of modern features that help to make them even more appealing. These modern features make them very versatile with a lot of current homes, because they go well with the overall design style. Here are three modern features of iron doors.

3 Modern Features Of Iron Doors

Clean European Lines

One awesome feature of an iron door is the clean look that it has with the European lines. These lines create a very clean look for your door, and their narrow profile makes it so that you have a great deal of visibility through the door. This creates a look that is very modern and looks great with other modern features of your home’s exterior.

Minimalist Quality

Another awesome feature of the iron door is the minimalist quality that they have. The basic structure of the door incorporates steel bars and glass windows, and a clean finish. This minimalist quality is very popular because it creates a design that doesn’t involve a lot of extra decoration. This goes well with a modern home that is very angular in nature, simple in color, etc.

Baked On Finish

Lastly, the baked on finish creates a glossy, clean look that is dark and simple. This coated steel look is also structurally very strong, and it helps ensure that your door stays in the best condition possible, for as long as possible. You can also choose from slightly different finishes, so that you have whatever level of contrast that you’d like between your windows and your doors.

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