What Is Thermally Broken Steel And Why Is It Important For Iron Doors?

If you are looking to add iron doors to your house, you may have heard that some doors are made of thermally broken steel.  Using thermally broken steel can provide your home with several benefits.

Here are some basic facts about Thermally Broken Steel:

What Is Thermally Broken Steel And Why Is It Important For Iron Doors?

What is thermally broken steel?

Thermally broken steel is a product that has insulation placed between two pieces of steel.  This insulation separates the two pieces of steel and reduces energy transfer between the two pieces of steel.

What is the main benefit of using thermally broken steel for doors?

Thermally broken steel provides much better insulation than non-thermally broken steel.  For example, if a house has an metal door, heat or cold air inside the house can easily escape to the outside.  This leads to a less comfortable home and higher energy bills.  If a door is made of thermally broken steel, less heat or cold will escape from the house through the door.   

Are there additional benefits?

In addition to lowering energy bills, there are several other benefits to using thermally broken steel.

  • Thermally broken steel can dampen noise vibrations. When inside of your house, it will help make loud outdoor noises softer.
  • If the door has windows, it prevents the windows from icing up during colder months.
  • Less moisture will develop on the metal during the summer. Over time, this moisture can damage surrounding materials. 
  • If there are windows on the door, they will be less hot during summer and less cold during winter.

There is a huge selection of iron doors.

Because thermally broken steel is used in many different types of doors and windows, there is a huge selection available.  Because there are so many different options, you can find the right door for your home.    

Interested in learning more about thermally broken steel in iron doors?  Contact us today!

If you are looking to add new iron doors or upgrade the ones you have, contact us today!  We can show you many different options and help you choose the best door for your house. 

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