Is Stainless Steel Door Hardware The Right Choice?

Once you have chosen the design of your iron door, the next step is to choose the hardware that will go on it.  This includes the handle, hinges, and the lock that goes on it. Don’t be fooled, the hardware is every bit as important as the door design itself. You don’t want it to clash and you probably don’t want it to overly stand out on your sleek new showpiece.

Is Stainless Steel Door Hardware The Right Choice?

When it comes time to pick the door hardware, you should consider going stainless steel. Almost any metal can be brushed and colored to fit your design needs, but you also need to give a thought to quality when it comes to the material you choose. So why is stainless steel a better choice compared to other options?

Timeless Durability

All metals have some durability to them, but the durability of all metal is not the same. Stainless steel is a classically strong option, which is why it has become so popular around the home. Furthermore, stainless steel is prized for being resistant to moisture, which is why it is used for so many kitchen and bathroom fixtures. While the rain shouldn’t be pouring right onto your new front door, you want all the moving parts of your door protected from the ambient moisture.

More Hygienic

You don’t typically think of the materials having any affect on hygiene, but they really do. Stainless steel lacks the pores of other metal, this means they are less likely to trap dirt and other germs. Furthermore, because they lack pores, it makes anything on there easy to clean away as well.

While stainless steel is a good door hardware option, if you aren’t sure if it is right for you or want to talk over your other options, contact us today. We can help you not only get the right hardware, but get the right iron door as well.

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