Comfort and Energy Efficiency Year Round with Thermally Broken Steel

Are you thinking of a new wall of windows in your home? Or some beautiful French doors that let in the light? The options of what materials to use are, of course, many and varied. Wood, aluminum, or steel – all will provide different aesthetic properties and energy efficiency.

Comfort and Energy Efficiency Year Round with Thermally Broken Steel

The longest lasting option is, of course, steel. Wood will decay eventually, aluminum will rust. Steel is strong, resistant to rust, and you obviously don’t need to worry about termite damage.

Our Metro Steel line reflects our belief that steel is not only the longest lasting option but an incredibly aesthetically pleasing one as well. The clean lines are minimalist and elegant. As such, they work with many different home and architectural styles and applications. Our commitment to energy efficiency starts with the fact that all of our Metro Steel products are made with 100% recycled steel.

But what about climate control within your home? Steel, as strong and long-lasting as it is, is extremely good at conducting heat. This means it isn’t very energy efficient on its own. This problem is resolved by using a thermal break. A thermal break is important because it will dissipate the hot or cold energy that comes into contact with the metal from the outside. No matter the weather outside, if you have a well-insulated product with a thermal break, a wall of steel-encased windows or a set of French doors will not negatively impact the ability of your homes climate system to regulate the temperature.

If you’re considering our Metro Steel Doors, but are worried about energy efficiency, rest assured – all of our Metro Steel products incorporate a thermal break. And our commitment to energy efficiency in our products doesn’t stop there. We use the best performing Low E glass panes on the market; whether the window is single or double paned, the majority of the sun’s energy will be reflected or absorbed by the glass, further improving the energy efficiency of the product.

Contact us today so we can help you with your dream of adding a beautiful, elegant, long-lasting and energy-efficient steel door or windows to your home.

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