Why Metro Steel Windows Are Great For Your Home

Why Metro Steel Windows Are Great For Your HomeAt Iron Doors Plus we take great pride in our metro steel windows. These windows are made with zinc-coated muntins and hardware, so they can take a beating all day, every day. We customize them with a wide selection of types of glass and stops. In short, we lavish them with attention until they are perfect for your home.

But why should you have one in your home? Metro Steel windows use elegant, minimalist lines for their appearance. This look melds well with other styles, bringing out the best in your decorating choices.

It combines the need to protect your privacy and let the light in your house in one window. These windows can be customized to meet these duties in the exact amount that you want them to.

The minimalist look makes your rooms look bigger. The lack of clutter on the windows will open up your wall spaces and enhance the light for the room. Metro Steel windows also help you frame the views from your rooms by highlighting items in your backyard. On top of this, their reach will give height to your home.

They look particularly fabulous as arched windows and bay windows. Their simple lines can be
easily made to fit in these sorts of spaces. You will love the feeling of space that they’ll lend to your bay windows.

Metro Steel windows are a great match to our Metro Steel doors, but even if you don’t want to change your doors, your new windows will look great in your house. Come check out our catalog, and when you see what we offer, contact us. We can’t wait to install them for you.

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