Metro Steel Doors: A Touch of European Beauty

Whether you’re constructing a new home, flipping a house, doing a remodel on your own residence, or involved in a commercial project, the exterior look and security of any building are always important considerations. As such, you’re going to want the best door that you can find to fulfill those needs.

Metro Steel Doors: A Touch of European Beauty


If you’re interested in an attractive security door, but want a sleeker exterior than a traditional security door offers, consider a Metro Steel Door. With its clean European lines, this type of door adds a sophistication that’s hard to match. The minimal design of this door will enhance the look of many different styles of homes and buildings, from contemporary to modern. The paint is of the finest quality with a baked finish and zinc-coated steel, for a beautiful and long-lasting appearance.


The hot steel muntin (strips of metal that separate and hold the glass) used in a Metro Steel Door, along with the crossbars, are durable while keeping the design simple. This door will hold double or single pane glass. It’s corrosion resistant and comes with maintenance-free hinges. A Metro Steel Door provides better protection against fire than many other doors. The door is also harder to break down than many other types of doors, so you can always feel secure.

Metro Steel Doors are an excellent choice for any home or commercial building. They add the beauty and safety that you’re sure to appreciate. For more information on Metro Steel Doors, please contact us today. We can provide the highest-quality products for your needs!

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