The Benefits of Choosing an Iron Door for Your New Construction Home

There are many reasons why you might choose to install an iron door on your new construction home. Iron Doors Plus offers a wide selection of beautiful, high-quality iron doors that can enhance the appearance and value of your home. Our doors are made from sturdy materials that will last for years, and we offer a variety of styles and finishes to suit any taste. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of choosing an iron door for your new home.

The Benefits of Choosing an Iron Door for Your New Construction Home


If you live in an area with a lot of severe weather, an iron door can withstand high winds and flying debris better than a wooden door. Iron doors are also resistant to fire and impact, meaning that they can provide your home with extra protection in the event of an emergency.

Very Low Maintenance

Unlike wooden doors, which require periodic painting or staining, iron doors only need to be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. Iron doors will not warp, crack, or splinter like wood doors can, so you can enjoy many years of trouble-free use.

Add a Touch Of Elegance And Luxury To Your Home

At Iron Doors Plus, we offer a wide variety of styles, finishes, and glass options that allow you to customize the look of your door to match the rest of your home’s decor. Our doors can also be equipped with security features like deadbolts and peepholes to give you peace of mind.

If you are looking for a high-quality, durable, and low-maintenance door for your new home, an iron door from Iron Doors Plus is a perfect choice. Browse our selection of doors today to find the perfect one for your home.

Our team of experts is always available to help if you have any questions. Give us a call at 1-888-559-0800 or send us an email at We look forward to helping you find the perfect door for your new construction home!

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