Wrought Iron Doors Actually Aren’t as Heavy as They Seem

Iron doors are a beautiful way to upgrade your home and add an elegant feel to the property. In addition to the wonderful style they add, Iron doors also give the owner relief that their family and property will remain safe and sound in the event of an unfortunate accident or potential break-in. But too often, homeowners decline the idea of Iron doors because they believe that they may be too heavy to take care of or open. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s talk about why Wrought Iron doors are a great addition to your home!

Wrought Iron Doors Actually Aren’t as Heavy as They Seem

They Aren’t As Heavy As You May Think!

Although we can’t deny that Iron doors aren’t exactly as light as a feather, we can guarantee that you will never know the difference when compared to “traditional” doors. They’re actually very easy to open and near impossible to forcibly get through.  A big reason the differences between Wrought Iron and normal wooden doors are near indistinguishable is due to the special hinges that are used during installation. These hinges make the doors incredibly easy to use and give the door a modern look. There are numerous benefits that come with Wrought iron doors you can’t get with regular doors. What are they?


Security and Benefits?

The security these doors provide is invaluable. Wrought Iron doors are on the top of the totem pole when it comes to protecting your home from scary weather circumstances or unforeseeable home invasions. But these doors aren’t just looking out for your safety, they have many other benefits as well.

  • Increase in Home Value and Curb Appeal
  • Very low Maintenance
  • Less wear and tear than average doors


If you’re looking for an elegant, safe and easy way to upgrade your property or home, contact us at Iron Doors Plus so we can provide you with a quality, superior, handcrafted Wrought Iron door made just for you.

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