Double Versus Single Iron Door

Compared to other door options, with iron doors you get the durability of unyielding iron and a sort of timeless visual appeal that can completely shape an entryway into something elegant. However, while you might not need to be sold on the benefits of an iron door, before installing one, you still have a few decisions to make – primary among them, if you want a single or double door.Double Versus Single Iron Door

While those who are looking to choose an iron door for aesthetic rather than simple security, it can be difficult to resist the allure of the double door, but this comes with a lot of considerations. Double doors will always need more room. Furthermore, if you choose a shaped double door, such as one with a beautiful eyebrow top, additional supports may need to be installed in your entryway by a contractor as well. Of course, if you need to widen an entryway to fit a double door anyway, you mind as well pick the perfect design for your desired look anyway and get the work done.

Of course, similarly, if you are shrinking from a double door to a single door, you will also need to take space into consideration. You will either need to take the entryway in or install sidelight panels to use up the extra space.

In truth the choice between double and single iron doors comes down to purely space and aesthetic concerns. Although, as a single door locks into a door frame, there are those that argue that it is the most secure option. If you want to learn more about iron doors and if they would be the right fit for your home, contact us today. We can help you talk over your options to find something that you love and that fits your home’s specific door needs.

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