Why should I Consider Installing Metro Steel Windows?

Construction and renovation of homes can be a hectic process, especially regarding fittings and installations. Depending on the owner’s taste and preferences, they may consider factors such as security and safety, aesthetic value, and even the pricing of the installations. Windows and doors can be particularly hard to choose, considering any of these factors, if not all of the factors. At Iron Doors Plus we are oriented to ensuring that all these features are considered and have come up with a variety of products to suit the needs of our customers.

Why should I Consider Installing Metro Steel Windows?

Metro Steel Windows

Customers looking to have an exotic and architectural touch in their finishing would consider this product. These windows are handcrafted and created carefully to provide one of the best products on the market. Additionally, these products arrive at the construction site finished and ready, and their installation is fairly easy compared to other products. It also guarantees an exquisite look to your home and an elegant finish for you, your family, and your guests. The quality of these windows is also worth highlighting, and we are always ready to give your home a classy outlook.

Features of Metro Steel Windows

Depending on your preferred taste and design, and with the guidance of our professionals, you can easily decide on the suitable windows for your home. The windows come with features such as:

  • Free hinges with high-end maintenance.
  • Designs for single pane or double pane glass depending on customer preference.
  • Hot steel muntin and crossbars with narrow profiles and with minimal style and design.
  • Steel stops that are both artistic and removable, facilitating easy glass installation and replacement in case of breakages.

The paints used on metro steel windows are also of high quality, as are the primers, and the finish is also baked and coated with Zinc to enhance longevity. There is also a warranty period that covers any damage during the installation period and the glass panels for a period of one year after installation.

You should consider trying our products, including doors and windows, and feel free to contact us if you have any queries or need further information on any of our products and services.

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