The Science Behind Using Iron Doors for Summer Insulation

When you’re looking for the right door in Texas, the heat plays a large part in your decision. You might be looking for a set of doors with a screen so you can let in a breeze. Maybe you’re looking specifically for a door that won’t warp or develop dry rot in the excessive heat, especially if you have a southern-facing entrance. It’s just as important to look for a door that can help keep the heat out and the cool air in. That’s where iron doors come in. They can be constructed to maximize their insulative ability and to keep your home as comfortable as possible. Here’s how:

The Science Behind Using Iron Doors for Summer Insulation

They have high thermal mass. 

Once the temperature drops in the evening, put your hand against your brick wall. It will still be hot from spending all day in the sun, and it will stay warm for a lot longer than a lawn chair even if they’re side by side. That’s because different materials have different levels of thermal mass, or the quality that lets them absorb and retain heat. While the amount of material matters, the composition itself matters more. That’s why iron doors are superior to steel doors. They can collect a lot of heat before it starts to pass through to any material behind it.

As a bonus, the inside of an iron door can also collect the cool temperature of your air conditioning from throughout the day. If you turn down your A/C at night to save on power, your iron door can slowly release that cooled temperature back into your home throughout the night hours.

They also have thermal breaks and internal insulation.

The design inside your iron door stops all of that collected heat energy from getting into your house. Thermal breaks are gaps or alternating layers of material that stop the flow of energy. The right insulation can make those thermal breaks even stronger. Because of this, all of the heat your iron door blocked will seep back out on the exterior side, not the inside.

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