5 Care Tips for Your Iron Entry Doors

5 Care Tips for Your Iron Entry DoorsCaring for an iron entry door or wrought-iron gate isn’t difficult. If anything, it is less time-consuming than the effort that you’d put into cleaning a regular front or rear entry. Iron entry doors are constructed from a high-strength durable material, which can be cleaned and managed regularly in just a few minutes. So whether you have a wrought-iron gate, an iron entry door, or a decorative iron screen door, here are 5 tips to help you care for your home’s investment.

1. A mild cleanser will serve your cleaning purposes very well. Pair mild cleansers with a non-abrasive cloth and your iron entry door cleaning is a snap.

2. Do not allow water to dry while on your iron doors. Unnecessary chemicals and hard minerals inside regular tap water can stain and damage an iron door’s appearance.

3. Always dry your iron doors with a cloth or sponge. By taking a proactive approach in removing water, you are prolonging your door’s beauty.

4. Never apply caustic cleaners to your iron entry door. Window cleaners, surface sprays, and harsh chemicals will permanently mar an iron door’s finish.

5. Because iron doors suit every entry, your home’s location plays a role in how you care for your door. Regions of the country near the coast should take extra care to keep their door hinges oiled. Salt water in the air will corrode iron unless it is properly cared for.

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