Why Metro Steel Doors & Windows?


Are you in-between options or considering wood doors because of the so-called warmth of wood? You might first want to consider this; today’s steel doors provide various appealing design alternatives. The adaptability of steel allows it to meet the various aesthetic needs of most projects. So, whether you desire a polished stainless steel look or a bright finish, steel caters for all of that.

Steel offers the best long-term value compared to other materials. In complex designs, hollow metal will outperform wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Even when unique cores or other procedures are used, other materials cannot equal the performance and lifespan of hollow metal.



Replacing your doors and windows with the current, versatile iron designs may be one of the most critical decisions for your home. This is due to its improvement of security and many other benefits that come with the strength of iron and the versatility of designs. A gorgeous entry point is a vital part of a home or a business for the best first impression. Every house owner wants a door or windows that appeal to the eye and match the house’s interior and exterior design.


The choosing of a door design and the materials to make it is a very crucial stage. It, therefore, goes without saying; you benefit a lot in this stage if you consult experts and the best firm in the door manufacturing industry. At Iron Doors Plus, we create the highest quality handcrafted iron entry doors and estate gates. We have our in-house CAD department and a team of professionals in windows and door design offering the best and the most durable steel doors in the market. Our team is always available to offer architectural advice, guide you through our numerous trendy designs and provide you with the right design for your next project.

We have been successful in offering personalized services and gorgeous, high-quality products to our customers. Please take a look at our online catalog for more information. Our quality, pricing, and speed of delivery will astound you. Contact us today!

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