NFRC Certification of Our Doors

NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) is a certification program that provides a standardized procedure for rating skylights, doors, and windows. Before the development of the program, there was no standard procedure for rating such products. This often resulted in inconsistencies and created confusion among users, making it hard to compare products. When we obtained an NFRC product certification, our products were rated and entered into the NFRC Certified Product Directory.

NFRC Certification of Our Doors

All NFRC certified products are tested, certified, and labeled accordingly to help you make the best purchase decision. The Energy Star rating tells you if the product is energy efficient. However, the NFRC rating shows exact features of energy efficiency by breaking down the product’s performance.

What Constitutes an NRFC Door Label?

NFRC looks at various issues when rating doors before issuing the label. Here are the main areas.

Product Description:

NFRC describes the material used on the doorframe or the glass. It also describes the amount of glass used in relation to the total door area.

Door-specific Rating:

When comparing a door-specific rating, NFRC looks at the following areas.

Solar heat gain coefficient: It measures how well the door can resist indirect or unwanted solar radiation. The lower the coefficient, the better the door material is at keeping away heat from getting into your home. A higher coefficient may help warm the house. The typical range is between zero and 1.
U-Factor: This measures how well the door can keep the heat away from escaping the room. Lower-rated doors help keep the heat in the house. The typical range is between 0 and 2.0.

NFRC indicates the results of the test on the label that is affixed to the door. It gives the customers a chance to ascertain the level of energy efficiency of the product. Please visit our website to check the NRFC rating for various types of doors listed on our brochure. Contact us for assistance in picking the right door.

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