Aesthetically Pleasing and Energy Saving Steel Windows for Your Home

Would you like to add an element of elegance to your home? Metro Steel Architectural Doors and Windows, manufactured by Iron Doors Plus, add a stately atmosphere to your home.  Metro Steel doors and windows, customarily fitted with ⅝” NFRC certified glass, can be customized for other size glass. With NFRC certified glass, your home will maintain a comfortable temperature with a reduction in energy consumption. Lower energy consumption equals a lower energy bill.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Energy Saving Steel Windows for Your Home

Features of Metro Steel Windows

A few features Metro Steel Windows include:

  • Clean European style lines that add aesthetic value to your home
  • High-end maintenance-free hinges
  • Artistic steel stops that are removable for glass installation or replacement
  • Steel muntins and crossbars with a narrow profile
  • Designed for single pane or double pane glass
  • Finest quality primer and paint

Custom Designing 

Our in-house CAD department can provide the custom design of your windows and doors to compliment your new or remodeled home.

Benefits of Steel Windows

Benefits of steel windows include:

  • Narrow lines
  • Steel window strength
  • Material versatility
  • Durability of steel
  • Excellent fire rating

Narrow Lines

The narrow frame, mutton, and crossbar lines mean there are minimized obstructions to your view. The strength of steel allows the frames to be narrower than other materials such as aluminum, vinyl, or wood.

Steel Window Strength

Steel is three times stronger than aluminum. This strength permits the use of ventilators without distortion with age or the necessity of steel racks.

Material Versatility

Whether the building design is gothic, traditional, or highly modern, steel windows will complement its design.

Durability of Steel

Steel windows have a lifecycle that is far and beyond that of other construction materials.

Excellent Fire Rating

Metro Steel Architectural Doors and Windows have steel windows that have been fire-rated by an independent laboratory.

Installation Ready

Metro Steel windows are ready for installation when they arrive at the job site.

Iron Doors Plus offers energy-efficient yet aesthetically pleasing steel windows. You can choose from our wide choice of designs or have our design team design windows that will compliment your home.

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