Enhance Your Living Space With Our Metro Steel Collection

We live in the age of minimalism. Minimalism is not just owning fewer things, it is owning only the things that matter most, and as a result, making our homes a place where we are surrounded by what we love.

Enhance Your Living Space With Our Metro Steel Collection

Here at Iron Doors Plus, we understand this drive towards minimalism and the significance that this lifestyle can have on your home. Because of this, we have carefully crafted a beautiful line of doors and windows to enhance your house without adding any overwhelming feeling of clutter or distraction.

Our Metro Steel collection is made of clean steel lines and large glass panes so that the most light can get in and brighten up your space. And since we know that you are looking for the simplicity of minimalism, we have made the customization process for your Metro Steel windows and doors straightforward. Our collection comes in Midnight Black or Rubbed Bronze and we offer a number of different hardware styles for you to choose from to suit your own style. Take a look at our gallery here to see how we have transformed living and commercial spaces to make them something truly special. 

Not only do our doors and windows promote a minimalist aesthetic, with their high-end and maintenance free hinges they promote minimal stress as well. Our Metro Steel line is of the highest quality, so you can trust that it will be one thing that you do not have to worry about and can simply enjoy in your minimalist home or office. 

We want to help make your space into something that you truly love. Contact us with questions about how we can bring the minimalist beauty of Metro Steel to you.

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