Little Known Benefits Of A Thermally Broken Steel For Families

When you have a family, you want the home they live in to be as comfortable as possible. This means paying attention to the type of door or window you have. One type that you might want to consider is a thermally broken steel one. There are several benefits of thermally broken steel for your family.

Little Known Benefits Of A Thermally Broken Steel For Families

What It Is

Thermally broken steel isn’t as technical as it sounds. The manufacturer sandwiches insulation between two pieces of steel, and that ‘breaks’ up the flow of heat through the door.


The first advantage, and the reason why it gets used in NFRC certified doors, is that it keeps the house comfortable for young children. By slowing the transfer of heat through the door, it keeps the cold air inside your house longer, so they can sleep without a noisy air conditioner right next to them.

Related to this, you will save on your energy bill, and having a family is already expensive without paying a lot for electricity.

That isn’t the only thing it does, though. The insulation keeps the vibrations from noise getting through your doors. Sound gets dampened so that your home stays quiet, even when the neighbors decide to throw a big, loud party. Alternatively, your children will be able to set up their band in the house without the neighbors complaining.

Thermally broken steel muntins or sashes also reduce the condensation on the windows. Since the temperature inside the house stays consistent, you don’t have water in the air cooling and collecting on the glass. This means that little people are not tempted to draw on water on the glass and that protects its shine from at least one source of smearing. They won’t get their sleeves wet when leaning on the window, and the water won’t drip down and encourage mold growth where your children can get it.

Doors and windows are important to families, and getting the right one takes research. Contact Iron Doors Plus if you have questions about this or any other aspect of getting new doors, or about the benefits of thermally broken steel doors. We have been serving the Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Tyler, Shreveport, Phoenix and Nashville areas for years, and we look forward to helping your family.

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