Keep Your Heating or Air Conditioning in with Thermal Break Iron Doors

It’s expensive to heat and cool a house, so you’d like to keep it all indoors. A front door designed and manufactured by Iron Doors Plus can help make that possible. The doors have a thermal break added to help prevent heat or cold from escaping through them.

Keep Your Heating or Air Conditioning in with Thermal Break Iron Doors

What is a Thermal Break?

Metals like iron and steel naturally conduct energy pretty easily. A thermal break helps stop this natural thermal bridge. The doors are made of insulation between two pieces of steel. Including the insulation reduces the amount of energy that can transfer between the two metal pieces. That means the thermal break prevents heat from moving to a cooler space. The insulation is created by injecting polyurethane foam into all of the doors. Additional insulation for the doors comes from heavy-duty weather stripping added around the door jamb and glass frame.

Why are Thermally Broken Doors Great?

Since thermally broken doors reduce energy loss, they also reduce the cost of heating or cooling your house. In addition, the doors add sound dampening, preventing street noises from coming inside. The insulation helps prevent condensation from forming on the doors, which could introduce moisture into the home. Insulating the doors also helps regulate the temperature of any windows set into the doors. These doors provide extra security and are also made to last under lots of weather conditions.

Doors from Iron Doors Plus

In addition to being made with thermally broken steel, doors from Iron Doors Plus are made with the finest steel, exterior artisan paints, and engineered glass. The doors are designed and handcrafted by our team of more than 300 highly skilled metal workers and iron forgers in a specialized factory.

To find the perfect iron doors for your home, contact us today. We’re located in Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Tyler, Shreveport, Phoenix, and Nashville, and we’re always happy to help.

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