The Best Doors For Historical Homes

When you own a home that is historic, it’s important to pay attention to all the small details. But that goes beyond the interior of a home; the front door plays a huge role in imparting that historic charm. Throughout history, iron doors were reserved for only the best in society. That’s why they have left behind a legacy of opulence and beauty.

The Best Doors For Historical Homes

3 Benefits of Iron Doors

1. A Beautiful Look

When you want to emphasize your historic home, a iron door is a great choice. From the ornate to the more simplistic in design, these doors give you an opulence that you simply can’t get from a wooden door. Additionally, if your home features wrought iron fence and other iron work, this type of door is a great way to continue that theme in your historic home. Especially if your home’s entrance doorway doesn’t have a typical rectangular entrance but one with a rounded top, there are many iron doors for you to pick from.

2. Let The Light In

It’s important to not let an iron door intimidate you. You may worry that because the doors are large and heavy, they will also be dark. In fact, the opposite is the case. Most of your options feature glass sections that will let plenty of light into your home, while still maintaining privacy for you. For many of them, the glass runs almost the entire length of the door, which means that light will be able to pour through the window and keep your entrance area light and bright. 

3. Keep Your Home Safe

In addition to being a great visual fit for your historic home, they will also be sure to keep it safe. These door are robust and will work to deter any people from trying to enter your home without permission. So not only will a door look good, it also functions fantastically.

Whether you are looking for a door that is very ornate with a lot of detail and scrollwork or something more simplistic, you’ll be sure to find something that matches your taste. And when you own a home that is historic, an iron door is a great choice. To add even more historical charm to your home, please contact us.

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