Iron Door Solutions: Prevent The #1 Type of Forced Entry

When you think of forced entry, what comes to your mind? Men in black ski masks sneaking around your home in the middle of the night? Maybe trying to push up a window, and go room-by-room to find valuables, and slipping them into their pockets before stealthily slipping out into the darkness once more? Unfortunately, that image is more Hollywood than it is a reality. About 85 percent of burglaries are committed by non-professionals. So instead of stealthily creeping around a home, most people committing burglaries are doing so out of desperation, or opportunity.

Iron Door Solutions: Prevent The #1 Type of Forced Entry

And the most common entry point? Well, it tends to be right through the door… whether it’s locked or not.

#1 Forced Entry Method: Insecure Doors

There’s nothing quite as secure as the feeling of a locked door. You close it, turn the lock, and you immediately feel safer. That’s especially true if you have a deadbolt. The sound of it sliding home is a barrier between you and all the dangers that lurk outside your little castle. The problem is that you often aren’t as safe as you feel when you turn that lock. Because you need to have a sturdy door, and that door has to be supported by a strong frame, a heavy-duty strike plate, and hinges that can take a beating.

That’s where iron doors come in. They’re strong enough to take a beating from anything a home invader or burglar might throw at it, and their accessories are more than tough enough to back it up. If you’re worried about your doors leaving you vulnerable, then contact us today to talk about an iron door solution.

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