The Modern Design Concept and Your Next Door

You often hear about modern design concepts being implemented within interior design, but what is modern design comprised of? Iron is a key ingredient in the modern design concept, along with glass or concrete. Oftentimes, the two will combine to create the many clean lines and trendy geometric patterns that are included in today’s concepts. This is where Iron Doors Plus can come in handy for your modern doors.

The Modern Design Concept and Your Next Door

What Makes a Modern Door?

Most often, a modern door will combine iron and glass to streamline the elements of this industrial design. This would include things like grid patterns encased in sheets of durable glass, a sunroom that has glass panels separated by straight iron midsections, or a solid iron door with minimalist elements. Iron Doors Plus has the modern advantage of having no doorknobs, but a sleek pull-to-open lockset that finishes the design. Doorknobs can add a clunky look to your doors that is better left out completely.


When it comes to the finish of your iron doors, Iron Doors Plus has the best options available. Modern doors are most often found in darker color schemes. This means people tend to like our light bronze, antique copper, or silver pewter finishing options. The use of iron, in general, can denote signs of strength, durability, and resilience due to the very nature of iron itself.  This is great to show people you mean business with security when you use iron on your front door. These finishes create different elements of luxury, creating a strong first impression of your home. Antique copper can be the complementary color to the blacks of your overall design, bringing forth an even further industrial appeal.

Iron Doors Plus

We offer the finest quality in iron doors bearing over 15 years of experience. We guarantee a durable iron door with no visible weld, properly installed weather stripping that defies the elements, and owner-involved customer service that resonates with every client. Call us today!

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