Give Your Entry Doors a Facelift by Getting New Hardware

As a homeowner, you will see the hardware on interior doors every day. But, it is the entry doors that will be seen by everyone, so it makes sense that you want them to reflect you. While replacing the doors is an option when you want to change, you can also give the current doors a facelift by getting new hardware.Give Your Entry Doors a Facelift by Getting New Hardware


The handle is not just about looks, but how it feels when you open the door. A curved design is going to be smooth to the touch while a rigid handle will add a bit of friction. Either design will give you the means to open the door, so it is up to you to determine which look and feel you prefer with the handle.


The etching and intricacies of a handle set will help to determine its style. But, it is important not to forget about the functionality when it comes to shopping around because you may want to prioritize a set that can be used on doors that swing left or right. This will make it possible to replace an entry door in the future and know that you can use the handles without having to shop around for new ones again.


If you want to go for a classic look, you cannot go wrong with a rubbed bronze finish. But, some other options include black, satin nickel, and polished brass. It is ideal to match the finish with the rest of the hardware in your home or you can get something different and start replacing the other pieces.

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