Easy Guide to Caring for Iron Doors

Iron doors add security and beauty to your home. Caring for iron doors is also a breeze when you follow these steps.

Easy Guide to Caring for Iron Doors

Cleaning your Door

Clean your door on a regular basis with a mild detergent such as dish soap or Murphy’s oil soap. Never use harsh chemicals such as ammonia, window cleaner, or degreaser as these may damage the finish.

Always use a soft microfiber cloth or sponge rather than a scratch pad or steel wool, which may scratch your door’s surface. Even light scratches on an iron door can be very obvious, and are notoriously difficult to repair.

Wring out your cloth so that it is only slightly damp. This will prevent too much moisture from damaging your door.

After washing your door down, dry it immediately with a soft towel. Allowing it to air dry will only make it more susceptible to rust. So that the door does not have a chance to dry on its own, you may wish to wipe only one section at a time down and then dry as you go.

Oiling your Hinges

Any time you clean your door, you should also oil your hinges. You may even wish to do this in spring and again in fall as part of your bi-annual maintenance. Just a few drops of spray lubricant is enough to keep your hinges moving smoothly and keep rust at bay.

Inspect your Door

Iron doors require very few repairs. Even so, your weather stripping and sweeps may become damaged over time, so you should inspect them on a regular basis and repair or replace as needed.

If you do these things, your iron door will provide you with many years of practical enjoyment. To find an iron door that is just right for your home or business, or to learn more about caring for your iron doors, please contact us.

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