Types of Pull Handles For Your Iron Door

When considering an investment in an iron door, you may be solely focused on the door itself. While the door is the major eye-catching element, everything works together to create that appeal. Part of the elements that matter are the handles on your iron door. The handle not only has its own aesthetic appeal, but it is crucial for security as well. When choosing your iron door, you should know your options for pull handles.

Types of Pull Handles For Your Iron Door

Plate-Mounted Pull Handles

Plate-mounted handles are often what people think of when considering iron doors. They are pull handles mounted to a sizable rectangular plate. It gives a distinct sturdy look to an iron door. This is not right for everyone, but they also fail to realize there are other pull handle options.

Rose-Mounted Pull Handles

Instead of being mounted to a plate, the pull handle is mounted on a small circular disc referred to as a rose. This gives a more refined look to the door for those looking for a modern aesthetic. It lends elegance while also covering the hardware with the least amount of metal possible.

Back to Back Mounted Pull Handles

This is much like the door knob you are more accustomed to. Instead of being mounted to a plate that is mounted on the door, the inner and outer knobs are mounted to each other through a hole. It provides a minimalist appearance and is often the choice for entryway door because it seamlessly hides the hardware.

Are Pull Handles Secure?

If you are looking for an iron entryway door, you will want it to be secure. However, they do not lock like traditional turn knob doors, but the can be just as secure. Pull handles will want to be installed with a deadbolt that makes them securely lock and immune to tampering. You may also want to look into a keypad entry lock that is often found on more modern doors.

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