Modern Doors that Will Make a Statement in Your Home

When some people think of iron doors, they think of intricate scroll work and detail. To an extent, that is true. But in reality, iron doors can go beyond a classical concept; their design has moved into modern design. Today, you can find modern doors with clean lines, no frills or fuss, but beauty beyond compare. Place … Read moreModern Doors that Will Make a Statement in Your Home

Steel Windows: Beautifully Efficient

Do you want an unimpeded view of your home’s grounds without needing to drastically alter your internal climate? Meld beauty and efficiency with our Metro Steel windows. We believe a product should bring quality to both form and function, so we designed our series with powerful, European lines and energy-efficient materials. You shouldn’t have to … Read moreSteel Windows: Beautifully Efficient

Choosing Modern Windows for Historical Homes

If you own a beautiful historical home, you can still install modern windows without ruining the look of your home’s style. When chosen to match your architecture, our windows can even enhance the exterior design. Various Styles of Historical Homes Gothic — This style of architecture became popular starting in the 12th century. Arches, strongly … Read moreChoosing Modern Windows for Historical Homes

What Do NFRC Ratings Mean?

When shopping for new windows, doors, and skylights, you may come across something called an NFRC rating. While most consumers are familiar with the ENERGY STAR rating, NFRC is entirely different. The National Fenestration Rating Council NFRC ratings are given to applicable products by the nonprofit organization the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). They help … Read moreWhat Do NFRC Ratings Mean?

Are Iron Doors Modern Doors? Yes! Thanks to Attractive Styling

Of course, you think of iron doors as a great security benefit to your home. However, have you ever thought that you might not just be getting security with an iron door, but modern style as well? It’s true. Now, to some extent, all matters of style are somewhat subjective. But there are reasons that … Read moreAre Iron Doors Modern Doors? Yes! Thanks to Attractive Styling

Metro Steel Doors: A Touch of European Beauty

Whether you’re constructing a new home, flipping a house, doing a remodel on your own residence, or involved in a commercial project, the exterior look and security of any building are always important considerations. As such, you’re going to want the best door that you can find to fulfill those needs. Style If you’re interested … Read moreMetro Steel Doors: A Touch of European Beauty