Reasons to Go For Metro Low-Energy Efficient Glass

The type of glass you decide to install is crucial for windows. Studies show that about 70% of energy loss occurs through windows and doors and that 90% of heat loss through windows occurs through glass. By installing energy-efficient windows, you reduce your heating bill by 20% each year.

Energy efficiency is essential but can be somewhat confusing and hard to achieve. We’ll tell you about Low-E (low emissivity) energy-efficient windows and why one is essential.

Reasons to Go For Metro Low-Energy Efficient Glass

What is Energy-Efficient Glass?

Low E glass is popular for its exceptional thermal insulation capabilities. It only allows solar light through while deflecting most of the sun’s scorching heat. As a high-performance glass, Low E glass also protects your building’s interior from dangerous UV and infrared rays.

Low E glass offers increased thermal comfort all year long. It doesn’t allow cool-conditioned air out or let warm air leak outside, maintaining optimal temperatures during hot and cold months. Low-E glass is perfect for skyscrapers, hotels, and residential buildings as the most energy-efficient choice.

Why Metro Energy Efficient Glass?

Metro double pane Low E insulated glass is designed with efficiency in mind and reduces the flow of thermal energy from outside to inside. Most of the energy from the sun is either reflected or absorbed by the Low E glass. The glazing tape or caulk (Dow Corning 795 Silicone Building Sealant) used between the double panes reduces the flow of thermal energy. Some reasons to go for Metro Low E glass include:

  • It saves you money on your heating bills.
  • It offers the quality and reassurance you would expect from a leading brand.
  • It meets and exceeds all Federal and State performance codes.
  • It is available in laminated glass, tinted glass, and bronze reflective.
  • Experts manufacture them to the highest quality.

At Iron Door Plus, energy efficiency is our main priority. Contact us to learn more about the Metro double pane Low E insulated glass.

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