Why Have Your Front Door Made Of Iron

There are many places where an iron door would look good. However, the front is the best place for them for three reasons.

Why Have Your Front Door Made Of Iron

Curb Appeal

The front of your house creates a powerful first impression and sets the tone for the whole home. It puts your visitors at ease and helps you feel like you are living your best life. Iron doors enhance this effect because the intricate wrought ironwork is beautiful and the material is naturally aesthetically pleasing. They come in a variety of finishes and designs that can reinforce the decorating theme of your home. They are particularly good for evoking refinement and luxury before anyone lays eyes on your classy living room.

Security Theater

Metal has earned a reputation as a sturdy building material. It is difficult to kick in, dent, or haul away. This encourages anyone thinking about trespassing on your home to reconsider. They will know that the front door is not going to let them pass, and they won’t want the neighbors to see them sneaking around the back of your house. Your home will look impregnable, or at least more difficult to break into, and that is often all it takes to get a would-be thief to go elsewhere.

Energy Savings

Which direction does the front of your house face? If it is the East or South, you may wind up with a broiling foyer part of the year. Fortunately, iron doors can be thermally broken and thereby keep the grilling sun from the entrance hall of your home. Visitors to your home will be relieved on hot days to step into your cool, comfortable home. You will be relieved to avoid running the air conditioner at full blast for hours to keep your house cool as this will keep your utility bill down. 

If your Texas home would benefit from having a front door made of iron, contact us.

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