The Advantages of Having Iron Front Doors

Iron front doors for your business or home provide security and style. Our doors provide the stylish features that have been popular for centuries, with modern features for increased longevity and insulation.

The Advantages of Having Iron Front Doors

The selection of iron front doors that we have to offer have been specially treated to be rust resistant. Also, we use a special process for applying the finish to our iron doors. It involves sand-blasting and applying the highest quality primers, paint and finishers. We do this while taking the environment into consideration, using environmentally friendly products whenever possible.

Better Protection

Iron front doors offer better protection from fire, weather and unlawful intruders. Iron doors won’t splinter or burn like wood. Metal doesn’t contract and expand as much as wood does from moisture and temperatures. Hard direct pressure is more likely to put a dent in an iron door, but can cause a wooden door to break, or can cause a hole in the wood door. For these reasons, deadbolt locks are more effective on iron front doors.


Our iron front doors come with specially treated double glass panes that are clear or frosted. Single glass panes are also available. We use 12 gage steel in the construction of our doors and the tubing is foam insulated. We also design, manufacture and install the thresholds and frames for the doors that we make, insuring a perfect fit.


Our iron front doors are made to be yours. We have many options available so you can have the kind of iron front door that you want. These options include a variety of different door styles and handles to choose from. However, if what we have available isn’t adequate, we can design and manufacture an iron front door that’s specific to your needs.


The iron front doors that we produce are made by hand by experienced craftsman. We use high quality metal, paints and finishes. Also, our doors are covered by a five year warranty and the glass panes we install are covered by a one year warranty. 

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