The Stately Elegance of Iron Entry Doors

The Stately Elegance of Iron Entry DoorsIf you’re looking to update your home’s exterior with a uniquely-modern look, installing a set of iron entry doors provides your property with a hint of antique charm. Iron entry doors aren’t just about aesthetics though; they offer a full range additional advantages as well.

1. They Increase Your Home’s Natural Light

Iron entry doors are a great way to let natural sunlight into your home’s foyer. Our iron entry doors are designed with wide-open layouts with multiple window panels embedded in each. Many contemporary designs even feature iron inlays stretched across door-sized window panels. Whether you choose a style with frosted glass, or clear, see-through panes, iron entry doors are a great way to make your home warm and inviting.

2. They Help to Regulate Interior Temperatures

It might not be readily apparent, but iron doors are excellent tools for regulating the internal temperature of your home. They help you trap heat during the cold winter months and keep warm air out in the summer. Our iron doors have a heat break naturally built in to help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

3. They are Weather Resistant

Durability, even in the face of inclement weather, is another key advantage to installing an iron door. The manufacturing techniques used to craft the door’s frame make iron doors naturally rust resistant. Adding a layer of paint or finish to your entryway adds additional protection on top of the base material, making iron a long-lasting alternative to traditional wooden doors.

4. They Raise Curb Appeal and Value

Although iron doors have many functional advantages, you can’t count aesthetics out just yet. Iron entry doors may be a modern trend, but they flavor your home with an affluent, old-world sensibility. In turn, the added curb appeal can increase your overall property value.

5. They Offer Additional Safety

Metal is stronger than wood. It is much harder to tamper with and break into a door that’s made out of wrought iron. A door crafted from iron serves as a solid safety feature and an active theft deterrent.

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