Finding The Perfect Doors For Historic Homes

There is something very special about historic homes. These homes have been around for a long time, were owned by someone important, and add significant character and history to any area they are located. But what happens if your historical home is in dire need of a new front door? Here are a few things for your to consider when shopping around.

Finding The Perfect Doors For Historic Homes

Do Your Research

In the United States, wrought iron became very popular during the mid-1800’s. Because large amounts of iron were used for the railroad, it became a more easily accessible material; that’s why it is so common in historic homes today. Most notably, people think of wrought iron fences used adorning historic homes in their neighborhood.

However, fencing wasn’t the only area where wrought iron could bring beauty. In fact, it had the same effect on front doors. So when you own a historic home, it’s important to try to stay true to the time period. Often times, older homes have a great deal of detail work throughout. From crown moldings to large pillars in the front, you want to pick a door will both accommodate and accentuate the overarching look of the house. 

Generally, a door with a lot of detail and scroll work tends to be a suitable choice. Of course, if you have a door that is oddly shaped, it becomes even more important to find a door will not only function beautifully but look even better. When you live in a historic home, you want to preserve the history and beauty of the space; with a beautiful front door, you’ll be able to accomplish that. To find the right door for your home, please contact us.

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