Are Iron Doors Modern Doors? Yes! Thanks to Attractive Styling

Of course, you think of iron doors as a great security benefit to your home. However, have you ever thought that you might not just be getting security with an iron door, but modern style as well? It’s true. Now, to some extent, all matters of style are somewhat subjective. But there are reasons that iron doors are becoming the latest trend in modern doors.

Are Iron Doors Modern Doors? Yes! Thanks to Attractive Styling

One article, by Canadian writer Nancy Suzan, on the increasing popularity of iron doors, claims that is just the case. The writer of the article concedes that greater security is an obvious reason to buy an iron door. However, she adds that iron doors are now experiencing more broad-based attraction.

According to Suzan, manufacturers of iron doors did not always have style or appearance as a priority. However, she says the industry developed new techniques in the creation process, allowing flexibility in the aesthetic value of the door. She claims further that iron doors usually boost the look of any house. Structures using iron security doors . . . usually get a second look.

Now this “second look” is important. Let’s say you’re planning to sell your house in a few years. You will need a little something extra that makes prospective buyers notice your house. You should not underestimate this. It ties in clearly with two of the most important marketing factors: product and promotion. Promotion essentially means free advertising. Why do you think apartment buildings put flags up, or car dealers put those things up that look like tiny sails? It’s all done to increase sales. Please pardon the pun. Before you buy something, you need to know it’s there. In other words, you have to attract prospective buyers. Iron doors have always been unique, which is a feature that attracts attention. But now they’re also stylish, so you’ll attract positive attention. Furthermore, that the iron door adds security that will, along with modern style, most likely increase the value of your house as a product.

Overall, Suzan’s article says that past complaints about iron doors are no longer valid in modern times. So you should see more of them. You could conclude, then, that the iron door is a modern door.

What were the past complaints? For one thing, appearance, which is no longer a factor. Suzan also mentions the weight of the door and the effort it might take to install it. She says that modern production methods have avoided these complaints. Consider also, that way back when, horses hauled heavy items in carts. Then many men, perhaps women as well, would lift the items to their destinations. Well, we don’t live in the late 19th or early 20th centuries. In fact, we’re in the 21st century! The do-it-yourself person with a lot of lands probably has a truck and maybe a little multifunction tractor. That combination should get the door to its destination.

The average person, though, might want professional installation, Suzan says. The same is true for transportation. And if you had been planning on having a wooden door professionally delivered and installed, why not try iron? In fact, if you go to our website, you’ll see that we offer what is known as Metro Steel doors. These doors, while keeping the security factor, are perhaps a bit more versatile, perhaps allowing more aesthetic options, than iron doors.

Resale value, security, beauty, durability (needless to say), and, now, modern style, are all advantages to buying an iron or Metro Steel door. But you can see for yourself. Be sure to click the link above, at “modern doors” to see for yourself the aesthetic and security value in iron doors. Our website is pretty comprehensive, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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