How is an Iron Door Fitted Into Your Home?

If you are looking to replace an old traditional door with a new iron door, then you may be concerned with the issue of size. A new door is an expense, but installing a new door and doing home renovation to make it fit is an even larger one. Will you buy a beautiful new iron door and see it not fit in the spot you need it to? It is a worry for many considering it.  You might be wondering how an iron door is fitted into your new home.

In many cases, this is a non-issue. Many iron doors are the standard size. This means they are of a height of 80 inches, either single or double doors, or doors with fittings on the size. They will slide right into the old doors alcove. However, there are some distinct considerations that change things.

In many cases, some choose to go from a single door to a double door, in which case, the area will need to be widened. However, there is also the case when you go from a standard rectangle door to an iron door with an eyebrow or arched top. These are stunningly beautiful in their unique shape, but are significantly taller than the standard 80 inches. These unique shaped doors can measure as high as 108 inches and the shape will need to be carved out.

The good news is that unless you really want to install the door yourself, a reputable iron door company will handle the installation. Iron doors aren’t a small investment, and as such, they need to have care taken with them when they are installed. It is a job that also needs to be done properly so your door and your home last. If you are looking to invest in an iron door, but are worried about the installation, we can help. Contact us today to see what doors and service Iron Doors Plus offers.

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