Wrought Iron Door Designs to Foreshadow the Décor

With its twisted iron shapes and scrollwork, elegant wrought iron entry doors and gates set the tone for a home’s interior design choices. Homeowners feel more secure because durable iron protects their homes from weather damage and burglars. Builders and homeowners have so many choices for different wrought iron doors, locksets and hardware as well as frosted, clear or other glass. In recent years, a few wrought iron door designs stand out as the most popular for on-trend architectural styles. At the same time, don’t be afraid to choose a favorite iron door design that doesn’t fit the exact decorating stereotype.

Wrought Iron Door Designs to Foreshadow the Décor

Classical style for Tuscan homes

Classical style wrought iron doors with swirls, crosses and arrows bring to mind the Old World styles of Greece and Rome. The style fits well with medieval castles and Tuscan-style homes. Interior design choices incorporate regal colors, velvety textures and luxurious and ornate furniture and artwork.

Contemporary versus modern styles

While the modern style focuses on form and function with simplicity and less clutter, the contemporary style is an eclectic ambiguous mix with characteristics from different styles. Homeowners with a contemporary home often want to express their individual style that doesn’t fit into a particular box. Iron doors work wonderfully with modern homes as a focal point of interest even though aesthetically simplistic, clean and futuristic. Modern wrought iron doors typically allow for maximum light to stream into the home.

Shabby Chic and French Country

Shabby chic and French country styles became popular along with flowery patterns and feminine expressions within a home. Wrought iron doors with flowers, swirls and bird cage shapes balance the softness of the space with the timeless sturdiness of handcrafted iron. Iron doors don’t splinter or rot like wood doors.

Think of the front door as giving guests and visitors a taste of what they can expect once they enter the home. Doors set the mood as well as accounting for most of the curb appeal. Look for wrought iron doors with energy-efficient glass that provides solar control as well as custom frames for your specific architectural design needs.

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