Iron Door Hardware & Handles

Iron door hardware can sometimes get overlooked when we think about installing iron doors. They are just always there, ready to secure our home when we need to close the door. What’s more, they are the first thing a guest sees, so it influences their perception of your house before they even step inside. Here are three times when you might want to install new iron door hardware.

Iron Door Hardware & Handles

Changing The Look

The look and feel of iron door hardware creates one of the earliest impressions you will experience when you enter your house. Is it sleek and smooth, giving your home a modern vibe? Does it have that warm bronze glow that gives your personal abode a comfortable feeling? Upgrading the hardware will take the appearance of any entrance to the next level.


Any intruder will get one look at your imposing, iron doors and opt for an easier target. Our iron doors are far harder to break through than glass or wooden doors. Your family can rest easy knowing the front entrance is guarded day and night by wrought iron security doors.

The Old Hardware Is Beyond Repair

We all hate to admit how hard we are on our furniture, but even the most conscientious of us can wind up with hopelessly scratched lock sets and worn out hardware. At some point, polish won’t cover the damage and your entry starts feeling shabby. But never fear: this is an opportunity to upgrade to some stellar hardware that will last for years. 

If you feel moved to upgrade the iron door that welcomes you home, contact us. Iron Doors Plus has a fine array of hardware for your doors.

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