Why NFRC Certified Doors Are Good For Your Family

When you are single or just married, you can feel invincible. You have nobody to worry about but you and your spouse and you both are adults who have survived it all. Then you have a kid and you feel far more vulnerable.

Fortunately, NFRC certified iron doors can alleviate some of this worry. NFRC certification means that the National Fenestration Rating Council checked out a door and found that the materials used were the most energy efficient and that good thermal breaks have been built into it. Any glass used met state and federal codes for reflecting sunlight and glazing tape and caulk was chosen to improve the efficiency of the thermal break. These attributes will make an iron door fit for a growing family for two reasons.

Keeping Baby Comfortable

Babies and small children have proportionately more surface area than body mass, and children don’t sweat as much as adults. This makes them very sensitive to temperature changes. They can overheat or get very cold faster than adults. An NRFC certified door helps to regulate the temperature of your home so you that the nursery can maintain a steady, comfortable climate for your child.  

Save Money For Your Family’s Future

Your utility bill will increase if you suddenly start using the air conditioner a lot because you need to keep the baby cool. Add to this that children are expensive- a little one can add significant sums of money to monthly expenditures. But most parents want to save up for their children’s future. At the very least, they want to be able to take their children to events. 

Getting an energy-efficient door that has passed the NRFC’s rigorous testing will help keep the cool air inside and the hot air out so that you don’t have to resort to running the air conditioner all summer. This will lower your utility bill, allowing you to save more money that can be put towards your family.

If you are interested in finding out more about getting NRFC certified doors, contact Iron Doors Plus. We make sure all our iron doors are right for growing families.

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