3 Types of Iron Door to Consider for Your Home

Doors are one of those important details that make a house a home. They’re also integral to security as you can probably tell. But just because something is essential doesn’t mean it can’t also serve an aesthetic function. There are many great looking doors out there that you might buy for your home, but the king of gorgeous doors is always going to be iron. Here are three types of iron door to consider for your home if you’d like to do a serious upgrade on style and safety.

3 Types of Iron Door to Consider for Your Home

1. Iron Core

An iron core door is a door primarily made from non-metal, the most common choice being wood. Why is it on the list? Because inside the door is a thick core made of iron or steel. This is a nice compromise between different types of doors, carrying the appeal of a classic wood door with the security benefits and durability inherent in the iron door.

2. Hollow Door

A hollow door is the most visually similar to wooden doors in terms of appearance. However, being made of metal improves their durability several times over. Though most don’t come with much detail, they’re easy to paint and clean while requiring minimal upkeep or attention the rest of the time.

3.  Wrought Iron

Wrought iron doors come with the most variety in appearance for full metal door types. Often accented with glass to give you a view outside, they can be quite intricate and beautiful to look at while still being fairly tough even with the gaps between the metal parts this would create.

There are all sorts of doors out there you might consider using with your home or other building. If you’re on the lookout for metal doors, though, try out these three types of iron door and see what fits best for your style and security needs. Iron Doors Plus can be a great help in finding what you want, too, so don’t be afraid to say hi today.

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