4 Reasons Iron Doors are the Perfect Solution for Historical Residences

Your front door is one of the first things people notice about your residence. Choosing the right one is always important, but even more so for historical residences. Iron doors are the perfect solution for iconic or notable houses, and here are four reasons why.

4 Reasons Iron Doors are the Perfect  Solution for Historical Homes

Complements Architecture

Period homes tend to have architectural features such as arched doorways, stately columns, and delicate gingerbread wood trim. With their bold design and pleasing aesthetics, iron doors complement these architectural features very nicely. Some models even have characteristics that would help tie your different exterior features together.

Provides Security

Historic homes can attract criminals, particularly if they are unoccupied for any period. Iron doors provide the ideal security, making it difficult for thieves and vandals to enter. In fact, the mere presence of an iron door is often a deterrent in itself.

Are Better Insulated

Air loss is something homeowners must often deal with in older homes. An iron door from Iron Doors Plus can help mitigate hot and cold air loss to help save you energy. We inject high-quality polyurethane into every door, and finish with heavy-duty weather stripping to provide an extra tight seal. One of our doors can help keep you cool in the summer and toasty warm during winter.

Always in Style

As the owner of an historic house, it’s important to choose improvements that will stand the test of time. Iron doors complement your home’s antique features and also have a magnificent charm about them that ages well. Accordingly, your structure will continue maintaining its stately appearance for years to come.

Historical residences have a unique charm that makes them well suited for iron doors. If you are performing renovations or just wish to upgrade, please contact us for help in choosing the right one.

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