Why Metro Steel Doors Help Security

Doors, especially front doors, perform many tasks. One of the most important tasks it does is keep people inside the home safe, and Metro Steel Doors takes this job seriously. Here are a couple of ways that steel doors help security.

Why Metro Steel Doors Help Security

Improves Visibility

Traditional doors have a solid, opaque body that might have a little peephole near eye level. People only see a tiny bit of the person at the door before you decide to open it in that situation, and that leads to people accidentally letting in people they did not intend to. However, there are doors that are mostly window. All the transparent glass allows you to see the people approaching your door from a long way off so that you know what you want to do with them before they even knock.

The transparency also gives you time to note what they look like if you ever need to tell anyone about it. Peepholes in traditional doors often distort the appearance of people and only allow you to see the person’s face. Important characteristics such as height and build cannot be seen through them.

Steel Is Strong

Some metals are better able to resist pressure than others, and steel is famous for being one of those metals. Hot rolled steel has a yield strength of 220 to 250 MPa (32 to 36 ksi) and a tensile strength of 400 to 500 MPa. This means that it can withstand a lot of pressure from things such as people running into it. The muntin dividers and gaskets are made from equally strong materials. A door made out of these materials can’t be kicked in easily.

Anyone interested in having a door that looks stylish and increases their home’s security might want to look into Metro Steel doors. Fortunately, Iron Doors Plus manufactures Metro Steel Doors and Windows, and we can create one that meets your architectural needs. For more information about how steel doors help security in your home, contact us.

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