How NFRC Certification Helps You Choose The Best Iron Door For Your Home

If you are shopping for a new door, you may have heard of NFRC Certification.  If you want to make your house more energy efficient, a NFRC Certification will help you make a more informed choice. 

How NFRC Certification Helps You Choose The Best Iron Door For Your Home

Here are the basics about NFRC Certification and how you can use it when shopping for a new iron door: 

What is NFRC Certification?

The NFRC is the National Fenestration Ratings Council, a nonprofit group created by the door, window, and skylight industry.  The NFRC provides energy efficiency ratings on doors, windows, and skylights.

The NFRC’s rating system is the industry standard.  It is used to figure out energy codes for buildings, helps determine if a business gets tax credits or utility incentives, and helps decide if a product is Energy Star rated. 

Only doors that meet certain energy efficiency standards will be certified by the NFRC. 

What does a NFRC Certification cover? 

All doors certified by the NFRC has a certification label.  The label will describe the door, tell you the amount of glass on the door, and provide several ratings:

  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: Solar Heat Gain Coefficient measures the amount of solar radiation that comes through a door.  After entering a house (either by coming directly into your home or being absorbed into the material), the radiation will be released as heat inside of your home. The lower the number, the less heat is transmitted.  A lower number means cooler rooms.  A higher number retains heat better and lead to warmer rooms. 
  • U Factor: U Factor measures the amount of heat that escapes through a door.  The lower the number, the less amount of heat escapes from a room. 

By looking at these two factors, you can make a decision on the best door for different parts of your house.  You can choose doors that will keep each room of your house warm during the winter or cool during the summer.  As a result, the NFRC Certification helps you make informed choices when buying a new door. 

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