3 Ways to Transform Your Home’s Front Door Into a Beautiful Entryway

If your home’s front door looks a little plain, make that your summer project. Changing up the front door can give your home more curb appeal and make you fall in love with your house again. A new door can also give your home more energy efficiency and better security. Here are three easy ways to make your front door pop:

3 Ways to Transform Your Home's Front Door Into a Beautiful Entryway

1. Install an iron door.

A custom iron door can transform your front entryway in an instant. Iron doors can be fabricated with ornate paneling, custom window fittings and even a unique shape to perfectly fit your home’s door frame. If you’ve kept your current door because you have an over sized or irregularly-shaped frame, an iron door can be a perfect fit. You can also make it whatever color and finish you prefer.

2. Install pediments and an ornate cross head.

The border around your front door says a lot about your property, too. Give it extra weight with ornate pediments and a cross head. These stylistic elements make your front door stand out in the best way possible. Just like getting thicker window frames and installing decorative shutters, these elements improve curb appeal and make your home look larger.

3. Add windows or lights on either side of the door frame.

The plain walls around your door are the perfect canvas for adding personal touches you’ll be happy to come home to. Add narrow side windows that will let more sunlight into your home or install sconces that look beautiful. This is also a great opportunity to add smart lights and sensors that make your home more secure whether you’re walking up the driveway in the dark or you want to keep an eye on your home while you’re on vacation.

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