The Right Type Of Glass For Your Iron Entry Doors

Glass has been used as an architectural feature of doors for a long time. It has many benefits: allowing you to judge whoever is at the door without opening it, letting light into hallways, and looking classy. Naturally, modern door makers have expanded on these, creating different types of glass to put into the door. Each type has its own appeal and advantages, so a customer looking into getting new doors will have to consider them carefully. There are few types of glass to keep in mind for your iron entry doors.

The Right Type Of Glass For Your Iron Entry Doors

Plain Glass in your Iron Door

This is what it sounds like. You can see through it pretty clearly and it doesn’t have any other features. This lets you identify visitors and allows in plenty of light. Plain glass inserts are great in entry doors where there is already a lot of wrought iron decoration. It is also a great choice for people who are going for a modern look with their door.

Frosted Glass

This type of glass is finished in a way that makes the glass look opaque when you look in through it. The surface is coated with something that will cause light to scatter as it enters. The result is that figures on the other side of the glass look blurry, though you can make out vague outlines. This is handy for anyone concerned about privacy because the people looking in won’t know who is answering the door. Frosted glass matches a historical aesthetic (people struggled to create clear glass until after the industrial revolution) and makes a nice background to wrought iron figures on your door.

Types of Textured Glass For Iron Doors

In a way, textured glass is taking frosted glass a step further. Where frosted glass has an altered surface, textured glass has a surface that is shaped into a pattern. For instance, ‘rain’ glass looks like a storm is always drenching the pane, and ‘glacier’ glass is like looking through a frozen lake. The pattern obscures any figure on the other side of the glass so all that a visitor will see is a colored blob. Patterns can be beautiful on their own, and they allow plenty of light into an entryway while preserving a certain coziness. If you want a cozy or elegant look, you might want this type of glass.

Fortunately, Iron Doors Plus has plain, frosted, and textured glass for you to choose from. If you are looking to have a customized iron door that fits your home perfectly, contact us.

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