3 Tips for Selecting Iron Door Hardware and Accessories

The type of iron door hardware that you choose speaks volumes about your style. Selecting the wrong type of door knob or hinge will make your door appear dated or unattractive, which are two things that you absolutely must avoid when choosing door hardware.

Before you begin, though, think about your door’s function and location on the outside your home.

Is it a front door or a back door? Who uses it most often? Are there elderly people or children in your home? Are you putting your new hardware on an old door, or is it a new door with special needs?

So, to help you spruce up your door this spring, we have come up with three tips for selecting the right door hardware for your door, no matter what type of door it is!

3 Tips for Selecting Iron Door Hardware and Accessories

1. Finish at the beginning: Remember, not every type of hardware works on every type of door. We recommend choosing a finish that works with the style and color of your door and home. Choose from black, gold, brushed nickel, chrome, or even oil-rubbed bronze.

2. Type and style: You could go with the standard round knob, which is classic and overdone. Or, to set your door apart, you could try out something new and different. Levers and entrance handle sets can really help to transform your door into something unique.

3. The little extras: While new, functional hardware will serve your door well, try setting your door apart with shiny new kick plates and spring stoppers. Further, for extra safety and luxury, consider adding a deadbolt or chain. In the end, it’s the little things that help your door stand out in a crowd.

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