Modern Doors On Historical Homes

There’s something of a debate about authenticity when you have historical things. How period-accurate do you want to be? What do you gain by staying period-accurate? This debate becomes one-sided when it comes to modern doors on historical homes, though. Modern doors just have so much going for them.Modern Doors On Historical Homes


Energy efficiency

If your house was made in an era of cheap coal and servants lighting fires every morning, it isn’t made with energy efficiency in mind. Even if it was, the materials that the original builders had were limited. Modern iron doors, on the other hand, insulate your house from extreme weather. The thermally broken steel interrupts the flow of heat through the door so your foyer can stay cool, and you can be certain that the interior has been modified to improve energy efficiency because of the NFRC certification.

Aesthetic Choice

Modern wrought iron doors can be made to match the look of your period-piece home. It can also more generally invoke an era with their lattice work and pebbled glass. There are many designs to choose from, so you can refresh your look without losing the historical appearance of your home.

You can also try for the Steam Punk look. You can add a modern twist to your front entrance to jazz up your historical house and make it stand out in the neighborhood.

Low Maintenance

Modern doors have low-maintenance hinges and materials that need little cleaning to shine. Older doors sometimes require some up-keep simply because of their age, and their materials aren’t made with ease of cleaning in mind. Modern iron doors are given anti-rust treatments such as zinc galvanizing so that your door is protected from the weather for ages and is simple to clean.

Even when you opt for a modern door for your historical home, you have tons of doors to consider. Iron Doors Plus designs and crafts many of them, so if your home is in Texas and you need to renovate your home, contact us.

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