4 Great Types Of Glass For Your Iron Door

Choosing an iron door is an excellent option. These doors are not only strong, but also very beautiful. When it comes to iron doors, you have four different types of glass that you can choose from. These include clear glass, frosted glass, rain glass, and glacier glass.

4 Great Types Of Glass For Your Iron Door

Clear Glass

Clear glass is just as it sounds, glass that is clear without any designs or treatment on the glass at all. This is glass at its simplest level, and it can look timeless and beautiful in your iron door. This is also the most affordable type of glass because it hasn’t had to go through any type of treatment or design process.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is created either using sandblasting or acid etching. This technique creates a film on one side of the door that makes it look like it has a layer of frost on it. This is a great way to keep the glass in your iron door looking simple, while at the same time giving it some level of character and definition. The frost is opaque which means that those looking through the glass can’t see inside.

Rain Glass

Rain glass looks like a window that has raindrops running down it. This is an incredibly cool look and one that adds a great deal of character to your door. The raindrop look helps to create a calming and peaceful vibe to your door, just as real rain does. Also, the glass can’t be seen through very easily, which adds to your privacy.

Glacier Glass

Glacier glass is made to look like pieces of ice placed side by side and top to bottom to look like a glacier. This type of glass creates a gorgeous, abstract look for your door and is opaque enough that people can’t easily see inside your home through the glass. This adds a level of privacy that many people find to be important when it comes to their front door.

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