4 Features That Go Great with a Metro Steel Door

When you want to replace your front door, you will have plenty of options to choose from. However, depending on how your property looks from the outside, certain choices may look out of place. It is best when you already have features that mesh well with a wrought iron door. But, when this is not the case and you still want this kind of door, you may need to add a few features to create a matching look.

4 Features That Go Great with a Wrought Iron Door

Vintage Porch Lights

Trying to fit a wrought iron door next to a pair of modern porch lights may not work that well. Sure, the combination will function fine, but they will look so different from one another that it can reduce your home’s attractiveness. It is ideal to pair such a door with vintage porch lights, which share a similar look.

Potted Plants

Wrought iron gates and fences look great in backyards right next to plants and trees, so there is no reason that potted plants cannot work along a door of this material. If you want lots of greenery, you cannot go wrong with ferns. They also do excellent in the shade, which is the main characteristic of many front porches.

Porch Columns

Another feature that looks perfect with a wrought iron door is porch columns. All you need is two columns that border the front entrance, but having more will only create a more cohesive look.

Arched Front Entry

If you have an arched front entry, you are already in a position to install a wrought iron door. Arches are perfect for creating a unique appearance and giving a home character, which these doors also accomplish.

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