Thermal Break Technology: Keeping the Hot & Cold Outside

This past winter, the southern United States experienced some of the wildest weather on record.  Unusually cold weather has brought snow to places like southern Georgia, Florida, and Texas.  Most of the year, people who live in these places are trying to figure out how to keep the ice from melting in their sweet tea so fast, but this kind of weather makes us wonder how we can do better to keep the cold at bay. 

Thermal Break Technology: Keeping the Hot & Cold Outside

The good news is that the door swings both ways.  Whether it is extreme hot or extreme cold weather, thermal break technology has you covered.  The same physics that keeping the cool air generated by your air conditioner in the summer time is the same as what is keeping the cold air from getting inside during the winter.  Iron has a high diffusion of thermal energy, which means that it allows heat and cold to pass through pretty easily.  This is due to the atomic structure of the metal, which is why your cast iron pans heat more evenly and with better energy distribution than steel.  

The thermal break allows you to have the strength and aesthetic appeal of an iron door without diffusing the heat or cool of your home out into the neighborhood. It keeps it inside where it belongs!  A space between the layers of metal means that energy cannot be easily moved across, (which still happens even with foam insulation).  Creating a thermal break gives our iron doors the added versatility of being strong for security purposes as well as a beautiful addition for your home, and keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

So with all this crazy weather, consider iron doors with thermal break technology to protect your home from the elements too!  Is there nothing iron doors can’t do? Contact us to see how you can add iron doors with thermal break technology to your home today!

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